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Jeunesse Global Zen Project 8 Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness System
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ZEN Prime™

ZEN Prime™ sets the standard for total body cleansing. This proprietary formula contains liver friendly milk thistle, full spectrum plant enzymes, grape seed extract, dandelion root and juniper berry. These key ingredients have long been used in Herbal medicine and are each uniquely valued for their cleansing properties.



ZEN Fit™ is a rich source of amino acids and essential part of the system ZEN BODI™

Amino acids are essential for your health, but your body can not produce them itself. ZEN Fit is enriched in amino acids and this is what triggers fat loss by facilitating muscle development and nutrient absorption. Amino acids also activate neurotransmitters in the brain that reduce stress and improve your mood.


Burn body fat
Supports muscle health
Helps build muscles
Strength and endurance
Continues to curb hunger
Support a healthy metabolism


Empty the bag in 250-300ml of cold water and mix well. Use twice a day 30min before the meal, immediately after sport or exercise or whenever you want.

ZEN Shape is a vital part of the ZEN BODI System

ZEN Shape

The human body is complex. It takes several mechanisms working together to keep you fit and healthy, which means a multi-functional approach is necessary to target fat loss correctly. Carefully formulated to balance your metabolism, ZEN BODI is a targeted, holistic approach to weight management. By curbing cravings, burning fat, and building muscle, ZEN BODI opens the path to health and restores the body's natural mechanisms delivering what you want most: results.

ZEN Shape empowers you to make the right choices by suppressing cravings that lead to unhealthy habits.


Promotes metabolic wellness

Promotes fat loss

Helps decrease carbohydrate and sugar cravings

Helps control appetite and hunger

Supports healthy blood sugar levels

Supports healthy cholesterol levels

Key Ingredients

These powerful capsules contain a patented form of African Mango seed extract, which is clinically shown to stimulate weight loss and metabolic wellness. Bolstered by an infusion of raspberry ketones and high-quality green tea extract, ZEN Shape controls appetite and helps regulate blood sugar levels. Achieve perfect balance with ZEN Shape

Chromium (as chromium picolinate), WellTrim® iG (IGOB131®) African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) Seed Extract, Choline Bitartrate, Green Tea Leaf Extract (98% Polyphenols), Raspberry Ketones, Inositol, Rice flour, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, magneisum stearate